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20. Jh.

Programmheft, Sembacher Flugtag 80, RAF Red Arrows, Souvenir Program Programmheft, Flugtag 88, Ramstein Air Base West Germany, Souvenir Program Informationsschrift, Militärische Einrichtungen in der Pfalz Informationsschrift, Region Kaiserslautern, Größtes atomares Machtzentrum der USA und der NATO in Europa Jahrbuch, Ramstein Air Base Family School, Ramanac Jahrbuch, Non Commissioned Officers Club, Landstuhl Air Base, Home of the 86th Fighter - Interceptor Wing, Germany Programmheft, Flugtag 77, Flugplatz Ramstein, Souvenir Program Programmheft, Flugtag 78, 25 Years Ramstein Air Base 1953 - 1978, Souvenir Program Programmheft, Flugtag 79, Ramstein Air Base Salutes the 30th anniversary of NATO, Souvenir Program Programmheft, Ramstein Air Base Salutes Aerial Demonstration Teams, Souvenir Program, Flugtag 1980 Programmheft, Flugtag Ramstein 1981 Programmheft, Flugtag ’83

21. Jh.

Informationsschrift, 21st Theater Support Command in the Global War on Terror Magazine, VFW, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Vol. 98, No. 5, Februar 2011 Magazine, PSQ Product Support Quarterly, Vol. 23, No.3 Handbuch, Contingency Contracting Professional Development Guide, Air Force Pamphlet 36-2241 Informationsschrift, Everyone should be ready Comicheft, Avengers Magazine, PSQ Product Support Quarterly, Vol. 29, No.4 Magazine, Air Scoop, Frühjahr 2009 Buch, Kinderbuch, The Hero in my Pocket Zeitung, Auf nach Ramstein