"Stahlhelm (plural Stahlhelme) is German for "steel helmet". The Imperial German Army began to replace the traditional boiled leather Pickelhaube (spiked combat helmet) with the Stahlhelm during World War I in 1916. The term Stahlhelm refers both to a generic steel helmet, and more specifically to the distinctive (and iconic) German design.

The Stahlhelm, with its distinctive "coal scuttle" shape, was instantly recognizable and became a common element of military propaganda on both sides, just like the Pickelhaube before it. Its name was also used by the Stahlhelm, a paramilitary nationalist organization established at the end of 1918." - ( 27.09.2019)

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Helm der französischen Armee, Modell 1915M 1916Fotografie "Hans Thiel mit Stahlhelm"Bildpostkarte "Kriegsanleihe"Stahlhelmküchensieb
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