Photograph album

"A photographic album, or photo album, is a series of photographic prints collected by an individual person or family in the form of a book. Some book-form photo albums have compartments which the photos may be slipped into; other albums have heavy paper with an abrasive surface covered with clear plastic sheets, on which surface photos can be put. Older style albums often were simply books of heavy paper on which photos could be glued to or attached to with adhesive corners or pages." - ( 07.03.2020)

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Fotoalbum "Vereinslazarett Kaiserslautern"Fotoalbum des SC Bad Bodendorf 1919 e. V. von 1956 bis 1961Fotoalbum erster Weltkrieg LuftwaffeGuntersblum, Ansichten aus der Luft 1958Kinderfreizeit Muldenstein 1995
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