Georg K. Glaser (1910-1995)

"Georg K. Glaser (30 May 1910 – 18 January 1995) was a German language and Francophone writer. He was born in Germany, but by the time he died he had acquired French citizenship through marriage, and he lived in France for most of his life.

Although many sources start with his career as a writer, he was also a left wing activist and a coppersmith." - ( 26.09.2019)

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Gezeichnetes Portät von Georg K GlaserGeheimnis und GewaltPrimum vivere zuerst lebenAus der Chronik der Rosengasse und andere kleine ArbeitenSkulptur die "denkende Hand"Georg Glasers „rote Wallfahrt“: „Geheimnis und Gewalt“
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