Historical Museum of the Palatinate

"The Historical Museum of the Palatinate (German: Historisches Museum der Pfalz) is a museum in the city of Speyer in the Palatinate region of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It is situated across the square from the Speyer Cathedral. The museum´s focus is on the History of the Palatinate; it has a collection of about 1 million artifacts, the oldest being an approximately 190,000-year-old hand axe. The museum is among the most important in Germany, and is known for its special exhibitions. With over 200,000 visitors per year it is one of the major attractions of Speyer.

The museum was established in 1869 and the collections of the Historical Society of the Palatinate, the former Rhine District, and the City of Speyer were combined. The building at the present site was built in 1910 by architect Gabriel von Seidl; a modern annex was added in 1990. The museum is a trust borne by the City of Speyer, the Evangelical Church of the Palatinate, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Speyer, the State of Rhineland-Palatinate, the Historical Society of the Palatinate, and the Bezirksverband Palz (County Association)." - ( 30.01.2020)

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Fotografie "Kriegsverwundete im Innenhof des Museums"Fotografie "Soldaten zu Besuch im Museum"Sammlungsaufruf "Sammlung von Kriegserinnerungen für die Pfalz"Sammlungsaufruf "Sammlung von Kriegserinnerungen für die Pfalz"Fotografie "Kaiserdom Speyer (Ansicht Westbau I)Fotografie "Kaiserdom Speyer (Rheinansicht XVII)"
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