Mark the Evangelist

"Mark the Evangelist (Latin: Mārcus; Greek: Μᾶρκος, romanized: Mârkos; Coptic: Ⲙⲁⲣⲕⲟⲥ Markos; Hebrew: מרקוס‎ Marqos; Arabic: مَرْقُس‎ Marqus; Amharic: ማርቆስ Marḳos; Berber languages: ⵎⴰⵔⵇⵓⵙ) is the traditionally ascribed author of the Gospel of Mark. Mark is said to have founded the Church of Alexandria, one of the most important episcopal sees of early Christianity. His feast day is celebrated on April 25, and his symbol is the winged lion." - ( 30.01.2020)

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Heiliger Markus (Evangelist)Löwe, Evangelistensymbol des MarkusDie vier Evangelistensymbole
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[Relation to person or institution] Luke the Evangelist
[Relation to person or institution] John the Evangelist

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