Ludwig III of Bavaria (1845-1921)

"Ludwig III (Ludwig Luitpold Josef Maria Aloys Alfried; 7 January 1845 – 18 October 1921) was the last king of Bavaria, reigning from 1913 to 1918. He served as regent and de facto head of state from 1912 to 1913, ruling for his cousin, Otto. After the Bavarian parliament passed a law allowing him to do so, Ludwig deposed Otto and assumed the throne himself. He led Bavaria into World War I, and lost his throne along with the other rulers of the German states at the end of the war." - ( 30.01.2020)

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father of Rupprecht, Crown Prince of Bavaria (1869-1955) [son of], Maria Theresa of Austria-Este (1849-1919) [mother of]
son of Luitpold von Bayern (1821-1912) [father of], Archduchess Auguste Ferdinande of Austria (1825-1864) [mother of]

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Glasplattennegativ König Ludwig III.Glasplattennegativ König Ludwig III.Postkarte "Ludwig III. Koenig v. Bayern"Fotopostkarte "König Ludwig III. in Speyer"Fotopostkarte "König Ludwig III. in Speyer"Fotografie: Besuch des bayerischen Königs Ludwig III. während des Ersten Weltkri
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[Relation to person or institution] Ludwig III of Bavaria (1845-1921)
[Relation to person or institution] Adolf von Neuffer (1845-1924)

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